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Emergency Medical Services
Commendation Medal - 2007

Katja Lancing


Katja Lancing, like all Firefighters in Fairfax County is cross-trained in basic fire fighting skills and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) skills. Desiring to take her skills to the next level, she dove into the Paramedic Course of training. These increased skills (preservation of life and health under emergency conditions) are difficult to achieve for the individual, but rewarding for the general public at large.


Katja not only completed the course of instruction, but she had to serve an internship as a paramedic which meant being constantly evaluated and placed under pressure to exhibit those life saving skills on a daily basis. She did all this while being a Mom of two small children. She even achieved the promotion to the Technician level and serves as one of three paramedics assigned to FS #l.


The Emergency Medical Services Commendation Medal is presented to an individual who has made a contribution in the EMS field that exceeded the requirements and expectations of their job description; performance above that expected of their peers. EMS Service is evolving into a highly skilled and technical profession. Countless lives are saved each year and it is our duty to inspire and support the many selfless acts of courage and skill applied in our communities.


Paramedic Technician Lancing exhibits those skills and courage worthy of recognition and indeed we recognized a Paramedic Technician who is a valuable asset to FS #l, the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department and the citizens of Fairfax County.


President Tom Speelman, Katja’s mother, Katja & Chief Mastin

President Tom Speelman, Katja’s mother, Katja & Chief Mastin


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