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Benefits of SAR Membership


Like any membership organization, you receive from it as much as (or more than) you put into it. We are an organization of men who make good things happen. You can:


• Help excite our children about history by participating in parades, period reenactments, or joining the Color Guard,


• Teach school age youth about the importance of writing and speaking skills through the Knight Historical Essay Contest and the Joseph S. Rumbaugh Historical Oration Contest,


• Make a difference in your community through various outreach efforts such as emergency services awards, Scouting programs, and Veterans programs,


• Keep history alive by recognizing historic sites, marking Revolutionary War graves, and by honoring the efforts and sacrifices of your ancestors.


Your efforts will help preserve and perpetuate our history through many exciting and fulfilling community service opportunities. Our Chapter Brochure shows a sample of our activities throughout the year. Join us!






2018 Fairfax Resolves Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution