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Revolutionary Grave Program


The Revolutionary Graves Program honors the final resting place of patriots of the American Revolution. There are three primary components to this program:


Revolutionary Patriot Grave Registration


The National Society maintains a file of Revolutionary graves that is becoming the basis for a data base available to the public at our National Society website. Graves are registered by completing a form (which can be downloaded from this site in Word) and submitting it through the Virginia Society Revolutionary Graves Chairman. Submitting digital pictures and recording the geographic coordinates with a GPS are encouraged.


Revolutionary Grave Marking


The National Society sells brass markers which can be placed at the graves of Revolutionary patriots, a visible symbol to the public that the person buried at that place aided in the American Revolution. The Fairfax Resolves Chapter places markers with a ceremony that includes a brief talk on the life and times of the patriot.


Revolutionary Grave Maintenance


The Commonwealth of Virginia makes $5 per year available to cemeteries with graves of Revolutionary veterans buried in and registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Virginia Society SAR is the administrator of that program for the Commonwealth. Cemeteries can apply for reimbursement by completing and submitting the attached form.


John Sinks using chalk to read a grave marker.

John Sinks (right) using chalk to read a grave marker.





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