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Civil Service Records
Fairfax and Loudoun Counties


Civil service is one of the three recognized categories of service that constitutes aid in achieving American independence. Such service by an ancestor qualifies that person as a Patriot of the American Revolution, and that Patriot can be used to join a lineage organization such as the SAR. Military service and Patriotic service can also be used to establish an ancestor as a Patriot.


Civil Service is the act of providing support to a provisional or state government by holding an office or working for the government. Examples of Civil Service may include:


State Service - Governor, Legislature Member, Administrative Bureau Employee,


County - Magistrate


Town/Local Service - Town Clerk, Selectman, Juror, Town Treasurer, Judge, Sheriff, Constable, Jailer, Surveyor of Highways, Justice of the Peace


Contact your local registrar for further information regarding the use of civil service as proof of service on membership applications.


As part of the Fairfax Resolve's effort to provide an online resource documenting service in and around Fairfax Country during the Revolutionary War, the Chapter has collected, transcribed as necessary, and posted the following civil service resources from Fairfax and Loudoun counties.





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