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History Day Support Program


History Day is an academic competition for students in grades six through twelve. It is very much like a science fair for history, with district, state, and national levels of competition. In general, there are five major opportunities to contribute:


Financial Contributions - The Fairfax Resolves Chapter provides financial support to District V of Virginia and is recognized as a sponsor.


Judging - History projects in two school grade divisions and seven presentation categories are judged by a panel. Judges need to be knowledgeable of history in general, able to ask students questions in a non-intimidating manner, and offer suggestions in a positive way. The Fairfax Resolves Chapter provides judges for the District V competition each year.


Attendance - Simply attending history fair, looking at the exhibits, and encouraging the students is important. The presence and positive attitude of Fairfax Resolves members at the District V competition provides support for students.


Special Awards - Each year the Fairfax Resolves Chapter, in partnership with the Culpeper Minutemen Chapter, awards Bronze Good Citizenship Medals to students with projects that excelled in the field of American History 1750-1800.


Promotion of History Day - Not all schools have students participate in History Day. The Fairfax Resolves Chapter encourages schools in the area to participate in History Day.


Fairfax Resolves began participating in National History Day in 2005 and has provided judges and financial contributions.


For further information, you can visit the official National History Day site.





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