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2007 Flag Certificate Recipients


•  Mr. and Mrs. W. Clayton Ormsby, both retired Federal workers. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton's certificate was presented for the continuous display of the the flag outside their home for years, both night and day, properly lighted.


•  Mrs. Frances Powell, Regent of the Falls Church Chapter DAR. Mrs. Powell's certificate was presented for all of her programs as Chapter Regent.


•  Mr. and Mrs. T. Zane Kinn of Danville, Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Kinn own and operate the Airplane Museum in Danville. Their certificate was presented for the proper and continuous display of the U.S. Flag outside the museum.


•  Mr. S. Bruce Herchensohn, Professor Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA. Mr. Herchensohn’s certificate was presented for writing the script, music and narrating the film Kennedy Memorial and Spirit where the prominent display and treatment of the U.S. Flag was exemplary.



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