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Law Enforcement
Commendation Medal - 2008


The Fairfax Resolves Chapter was honored to present three Law Enforcement Commendation medals and a Certificate of Appreciation at the 2008 annual awards banquet. Each recipient has served the community with distinction and devotion in the field of law enforcement.



Medal Recipient

Fairfax County Police Chief Col. David M. Rohrer


Col. David M. Rohrer began his career as a patrol officer in December 1980 at the McLean District Station. He remained there 5 years before being selected for the Department’s Tactical Section also known to the public as SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics). From SWAT he returned to patrol duty and was promoted to Sergeant as a first line supervisor. He served at Fair Oaks and McLean stations transferring back to SWAT in 1989 as Assistant Team Leader before being promoted in place to Second Lieutenant and the to Team Leader in 1990.


Fairfax County Police Chief Col. David M. Rohrer Receiving his award from President Speelman

Fairfax County Police Chief Col. David M. Rohrer Receiving his award from President Speelman

From 1994 through 2002, Col Rohrer moved through the ranks as Captain, Major, and Deputy Chief of Police serving as Commander of several District Stations. He served as Staff Duty Officer which placed him in command of the entire county during nighttime hours. Col Rohrer has also served as Patrol Bureau Commander; Commander of Special Operations Division; and Deputy Chief of Police for Investigations & Operations Support.


Chief Rohrer is very visible in the local community. He regularly attends community meetings and events, often on weekends and after hours. Chief Rohrer prefers to appear at these meetings in person, rather than delegate them, so it is not unusual for him to work every evening as well as weekends. This sets him apart from many public service chiefs.


He is equally visible inside the Police Department. Despite the enormous size of his agency, he visits every facility, shift, and squad on a regular basis. This promotes good communication and allows him to hear about current challenges and to address concerns of officers and civilian employees.


Chief Rohrer also provided strength and comfort to the families of two officers killed in the line of duty. His leadership also helped guide the Department through this difficult time.


He has completed training at the FBI National Academy, the Professional Executive Leadership School, Leadership Fairfax, and the Senior Executive Institute. Throughout his career, Chief Rohrer has maintained a steadfast devotion to his profession, to those who work with him, to the County of Fairfax, and its citizens. His commitment and professionalism have resulted in a Meritorious Service Award, an Outstanding Performance Award, and a Bronze Medal of Valor Award and now the SAR Law Enforcement Commendation Medal.



Medal Recipient

Second Lt. Brenda S. Akre


Second Lt. Brenda S. Akre has been a police officer for over 25 years. Currently, she is the Sex Crimes Squad supervisor, responsible for the daily activities, planning, and operation of nine detectives. In addition to these responsibilities, she reviews all sexual assault cases which have been turned over to her squad for a detailed and comprehensive follow-up investigation.


2nd Lt. Susan Akre

(Left to Right) Chief Rohrer, Lt. Gun Lee (2nd LT Akre’s supervisor), 2nd Lt. Susan Akre & President Speelman

During 2007, the Sex Crimes Squad was assigned 354 cases, a 20% increase over 2006. Each case requires and demands significant time, energy, and resources from the detectives who are responsible for collecting evidence and statements and for preparing the prosecution. In addition, the detectives are responsible for staying in touch with the victims of these violent and traumatic crimes.


Lt. Akre utilizes her team leadership skills to ensure her team is performing at its peak level and prevents burnout while performing their sensitive assignments. She also serves as a mentor to team members, for which her maturity, experience and compassion is well suited. Lt. Akre is able to help Detectives seek to improve personally and professionally.


Due in great part to Lt. Akre’s outstanding leadership and mentoring skills, her team has been able to close an astonishing 74% of cases in 2007 while still handling 20% increase in cases — a fabulous result!


One highlight of Lt. Akre’s career was the apprehension of the Dunn Loring serial rapist. This dangerous predator assaulted numerous victims during early fall of 2005, some of whom were severely injured. the immediate apprehension of the perpetrator was the highest priority for Second Lieutenant Akre and the Fairfax County Police Department. She was the lead supervisor responsible for supervising daily operations, allocation of police resources, and dissemination of critical information. Second Lt. Akre rose to the challenge, using her leadership skills and sense of humor to coordinate over 80 police detectives/officers during a three-month investigation that resulted in the arrest of the serial rapist.


Second Lt. Akre has demonstrated great devotion to duty, to the Police Department, and most importantly to the citizens of Fairfax County. For these accomplishments and more, Second Lt. Akre is awarded the SAR Law Enforcement Commendation Medal.



Medal Recipient

Detective John P. Farrell


Detective John P. Farrell is a Fairfax County police officer (picture withheld by request) currently assigned to the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force. He has devoted his professional life to combating gang violence, and has distinguished himself by the quality of work and superb results which keep the communities safe and free from violent gang members.


In calendar year 2007, Detective Farrell helped investigate six high profile homicide cases throughout the region and assisted with the arrest of a gang member wanted for a triple homicide in New Jersey.


In another instance, he assisted authorities and prosecutors with a case involving the homicide of a young girl in Stafford County. When Detective Farrell was called to assist, the investigation had no leads, and . Within weeks, he developed information that led to the arrest of two gang members involved in the shooting, and was also able to obtain a confession from one of the defendants. He is certified as an expert witness in the field of gang investigations and as an interpreter, is bilingual, and possesses a degree in history and Central American studies. He makes full use his college education as he devotes countless hours, days and weeks to ridding the communities of violent gang members.


During the past year, Detective Farrell has been called by State and Federal prosecutors to assist in complex cases, and he has distinguished himself as an officer who can solve some of the most difficult criminal gang investigations. He is known for his expertise in the field of Latin Gangs, and his ability to produce results on the street. He excels in the field of interview and interrogation, giving Detective Farrell a unique ability to collect intelligence that can be used to develop strategies for combating gang violence. His reputation also extends internationally. He was recently requested by the Salvadoran National Police Force (PNC) to attend a conference in Salvador where he shared his best practices and methodologies pertaining to criminal gang investigations with the many gang investigators in attendance.


Detective John P. Farrell is a devoted law enforcement officer who has clearly distinguished himself. Working on the most difficult cases, Farrell has brought resolution to some of the most difficult cases and justice to violent gang members. For his ongoing commitment to making communities safe from gang violence, Detective John P. Farrell is awarded the Virginia SAR Law Enforcement Commendation Medal.



Certificate of Appreciation Recipient

Jill Sexton


Jill Sexton, Chief Rohrer's Administrative Assistant, was honored for her work over the last four years with a certificate of appreciation. The citation read: “For your outstanding organizational support over the past four years in ensuring Fairfax County Law Enforcement personnel and their families are appropriately honored. Your consistent and timely communication of information to both the Fairfax Resolves Chapter and the Fairfax County Police in your capacity as Administrative Assistant ensured honors were bestowed to the Fairfax County Police."


Jill Sexton

Jill Sexton (middle), Administrative Asst. to Chief Rohrer (left), is presented the Certificate of Appreciation by President Speelman


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