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Law Enforcement Commendation



Members of the Fairfax Resolves attended the Fairfax County Law Enforcement awards ceremony to present this year's recipients with the SAR Law Enforcement Commendation medal. Chapter President Jack Sweeney made presentations to two very deserving candidates, Master Police Officer Thomas W. Eggers and Detective Shawn M. Monaghan.



2010 Medal Recipient

Master Police Officer Thomas W. Eggers


Master Police Officer Thomas W. Eggers is a police veteran of 16 years and a former United States Marine Corps veteran and patriot. He serves in the capacity of Senior Bomb Technician in the Department's Explosive Ordnance Disposal Section. For seven years, he has distinguished himself by his quality of work and superb results, which ultimately keeps the community safe as he diffuses situations or devices, usually under time constraints and often under trying environments.


Master Police Officer Thomas W. Eggers receives the Law Enforcement Commendation Medal from President Jack Sweeney.

Master Police Officer Thomas W. Eggers receives the Law Enforcement Commendation Medal from President Jack Sweeney. Also pictured is Fairfax County Police Chief Col. David M. Rohrer (left).

An example of MPO Eggers' exceptional dedication is from Thanksgiving Day, 2009. He was called out, leaving festivities he was enjoying with his wife and 4-year-old daughter, to diffuse an unfolding event in the Lorton area. Dealing with near freezing temperatures, constant drizzle, and edgy tempers, MPO Eggers arrived on scene and discovered a man who claimed he had an explosive device physically inside him.


He immediately devised two plans to deal with this situation. One plan mitigated the man as a threat. The other plan mitigated the threat posed by the car, if explosives were inside it. Outfitted with a bomb suit and robot technologies, MPO Eggers conducted x-rays of the man's thoracic cavity and a physical and visual examination of the man. In the end, the man had no explosive devices in him or in his car. The man was in need of immediate mental health services, and MPO Eggers cleared the path for delivery of these services. His knowledge, creative thinking and human compassion were the recipe which helped resolve this bizarre Thanksgiving Day threat.


MPO Eggers keeps informed of changing terrorist threats and is the Department's foremost expert on explosive device mitigation. Whether dealing with an IED, such as a soda bottle chemical reaction device or 700 pounds of pyrotechnics, MPO Eggers meets challenges with prudence, caution and a systematic approach, ensuring the safety of all.


The Fairfax Resolves Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution is proud to award Master Police Officer Thomas W. Eggers the Law Enforcement Medal. Fairfax County residents are well-served and public safety is well-maintained by his devotion, commitment and unyielding bravery exhibited time and time again to this critical skill.



Medal Recipient

Detective Shawn M. Monaghan


Detective Shawn Monaghan began his career with the Fairfax County Police Department in July 1989. First assigned to the Mount Vernon District Police Station, he was selected as a member of the Station's Selective Enforcement Team based on his keen observations and his suspect interview and interrogation skills. After only five years as a patrol officer, Detective Monaghan was competitively selected for a position within the Organized Crime and Narcotics Division. Detective Monaghan's career within the Organized Crime and Narcotics Division that is legendary for thoroughness and completeness.


One fact stands out in this citation: Detective Monaghan has single handedly seized more monies, property, and vehicles than any other detective, officer, group or division within the Department. Some highlights of his career include:


•  Holding the record for the largest seizure in Departmental history. He investigated a large criminal organization involved in international and domestic illegal sports betting, which led to numerous arrests and convictions and a ten million dollar seizure.


•  Investigating the Bansal crime family, involved in drug distribution, illegal gambling, loan fraud, loan sharking, Hobbs Act robbery, extortion, money laundering, and racketeering. Eleven individuals were arrested in this organization, prosecuted, and convicted, thus removing a serious threat to the citizens of Fairfax County.


•  Conducting significant and successful undercover narcotics operations, stopping distribution networks and resulting in federal indictments and convictions.


These cases are just small highlights of Detective Monaghan's career and his workload has always been consistent and unmatched. Even with an overwhelming caseload, Detective Monaghan continues to pass on his superior knowledge about drug identification to new officers. He provides training about the Organized Crime Division to the Citizens Police Academy. He is one of the most sought after detectives in the Division for training.


In addition to all that is going on in Detective Monaghan's professional life, he spends quality time with his wife and six children. He attends church every Sunday, coaches two little league football teams, and gives back to the community he lives in and the community he serves.


The Fairfax Resolves Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution is proud to award to you, Detective Shawn Monaghan, the Law Enforcement Medal. Fairfax County residents are well served and public safety is well maintained by his demonstrated devotion, commitment and unyielding bravery.



VASSAR Law Enforcement Award


Detective Shawn Monaghan was also submitted to the state contest where his nomination was reviewed alongside other chapter level winners from around the state. Detective Monaghan was also recognized as the state winner. This state level recognition included a well deserved monetary award.




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