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Teacher of the Year

2010 Award Recipient

Brigitte K. Lavey


Brigitte K. Lavey, advanced placement world history and world studies teacher at Langley High School, McLean, Virginia is recognized by the Fairfax Resolves Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution as the 2010 Teacher of the Year for her extraordinary service to her students, fellow teachers and the overall educational environment at Langley High School.


As the Fairfax County 2010 Teacher of the Year award winner, she is well known throughout the Fairfax County school system and Langley High School's administrators, faculty and both current and former students for her over thirty seven years of dedicated service far beyond any reasonable expectations. She has devoted countless hours in assisting students in achieving academic success while also imparting insights from history that can aid students in preparing for life. She is often seen in the school long after closing assisting students, particularly those experiencing academic difficulty. Unlike some whose professional enthusiasm might wane over time, she exudes exemplary dedication and serves as a source of inspiration for both her students and fellow faculty members.


Brigitte Lavey sets high standards for herself and her students. As she encourages her students to seek greater knowledge and understanding, she also pursues new professional development opportunities and is first to adapt to new educational technical innovations and teaching techniques. An avid traveler, Brigitte Lavey integrates knowledge gained during summer and vacation travel opportunities to her classroom where the lessons of the past and challenges of the present and probable future are integrated. The achievements of current and past students are showcased in her always well decorated and theme oriented classroom, obviously designed to create a positive academic environment.


Brigitte Lavey is well known within the high school faculty as a leader and mentor who is particularly adept in tactfully and skillfully coaching her less experienced faculty peers. At the request of her peers, she observes classes and provides much appreciated guidance.


Brigitte Lavey knows her fellow faculty and the students extremely well because she is involved with them, often long after school hours and during virtually all extra curricular events. She is in reality everywhere!


Brigitte Lavey is truly a special teacher to students and other faculty and administrators and now also the Sons of the American Revolution is proud to recognize her as the Fairfax Resolves Chapter's Teacher of the Year for 2010.


In the attached photo, Fairfax Resolves Chapter President, Jack Sweeney, presents Ms. Lavey with a professionaly framed Bronze Citizenship Medal Certificate and mounted medal.

Fairfax Resolves Chapter President, Jack Sweeney, presents Ms. Lavey with a framed Bronze Citizenship Medal Certificate and mounted medal.




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