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Chaplain Emeritus
William E. Youngs

Ancestors: William Davidson & James Williams

Bill Youngs Honored as Fairfax Resolves Chaplain Emeritus

Bill Youngs Honored as Fairfax Resolves Chaplain Emeritus


Bill Youngs was honored by the Fairfax Resolves Chapter at the 2009 Chapter Awards Banquet with an Emeritus Title for his contributions to our organization and for his lifetime achievements as an educator of the public in the principle objectives of the Sons of the American Revolution.

A native of the DC Area (since age 4), Bill contemplated entering the clergy following his High School graduation but he “didn’t think I could influence people enough”. He then turned to another influential industry –motion pictures. He was patriotically inspired through his work on educational motion pictures that he showed to area embassies and government offices while employed by the Washington Motion Picture Company.

After serving the 2nd Infantry Division Headquarters during WWII, for two years including the invasion of Normandy, Bill declined an extension in the service as a Chaplain’s Assistant. Bill said that “God is getting me back for turning that down by making me the Chaplain Emeritus for Fairfax Resolves”.

Once stateside, he launched into a 30 year film industry career with the U.S. Information Agency under the Department of State. Upon his retirement, he “substituted” for someone at the Motion Picture Association and walked out the door 15 years later. He became active in his community through the University Film and Video Association and the Society of Motion Picture Engineers.

His service to Veterans includes being a past president of the 2nd Div. Indian Head Association, and as such, he led National Memorial Services on Veterans Day at the flaming sword monument on Constitution Avenue. He continues this service to veterans as the co-organizer of Veterans Common, where he helps to conduct multiple services per year.

A roll call of Bill’s SAR communication and leadership activities include:

• Joining Fairfax Resolves in 1984 and holding every office but Secretary/Treasurer (Held by Richard Spurr!).


• Creating the Defender newsletter and including historic articles in every issue.


• Mentoring many Compatriots and contributing great patience, advice, counsel and encouragement.


• Serving for over ten years as DAR Liaison for VASSAR.


• And spending countless hours, with his wife Mary Helen, demonstrating SAR support for all levels of C.A.R. and DAR. He became the “Photographer General” for DAR, and served every President General since the mid 1980s.


In summary, we honored Bill with an emeritus position in our Chapter for his “outstanding leadership and mentoring Compatriots as those Compatriots inspire and educate the Community in the principle objectives of the SAR. All of Fairfax Resolves give you our respectful salute and treasure your presence and advice.

Divider Flourish


Bill passed peacefully on March 15, 2015. In addition to being a member of SAR and Fairfax Resolves, he was also a lifetime member of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE). Funeral services were held March 18, 2015 at National Funeral Home in Falls Church, Virginia. Interment followed at National Memorial Park.


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