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Robert Hathaway Grave Marking


This is the gravesite of Robert Hathaway born c1762 in Freetown, MA and died 28 Feb 1852 in Warren, MA. He is buried next to his wife, Susanna Hill, who died in 1832.


Robert was a three year veteran of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment of the Continental Line part of Maj. Gen. Sullivan's command. Also, during a short break in Continental Army service and following his discharge, he was a member of the Bristol County, Massachusetts Militia. He is the SAR entry patriot for Colonel John E. Sweeney, US Army-Retired, Fairfax Resolves SAR Chapter.


At the time of Colonel Sweeney's application to the SAR, the site of his 4th Great Grandfather's grave was unknown. However, additional research led to Warren, MA and with the assistance of the local Warren Librarian and Historical Society Chairperson, Sylvia Buck, both graves were found in Warren's Pine Grove Cemetery. Robert Hathaway was literally a "Forgotten Patriot" for both SAR application purposes as well as having not been listed among the many Warren, MA American Revolutionary War Veterans. On Veterans Day, 11 Nov 2007, a formal SAR Grave Marking Ceremony was conducted jointly by his 4th Great Grandson, Col. Sweeney, his wife Carol, a DAR member, and Mr. William Higgins of the Col William Henshaw Chapter of the MA Society of the SAR and his wife Charlotte, a DAR Member. Many relatives and interested people from near and far attended. Robert Hathaway's grave had been unrecognized as that of an American Revolutionary War Veteran for over 155 years.


While the headstones are in remarkably good condition, the grave site had seriously deteriorated due to soil erosion on a hill once protected by a large tree. Colonel Sweeney and wife contracted with a local grounds keeper, Franklin Buck, for the site to be filled in and protected by a well designed masonary and stone wall and cover. The work has been completed and the site is now a very fitting resting place for this deserving patriot and his wife.


Robert Hathaway Grave Marker

Robert Hathaway Grave Marker


Robert Hathaway's Upgraded Gravesite

Robert Hathaway's Upgraded Gravesite
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