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Patriot Ancestors


Members of the Fairfax Resolves are very proud of our Patriot Ancestors. The following table contains some of our ancestors' names.


John Ackiss VA (Princess Anne Co.)
Member, Princess Anne Co. Committee of Safety, 1774;
Justice of the Princess Anne (VA) County Court, 1775-1783;
Lieutenant Colonel, Princess Anne Co., Militia, 1777-?;
Oath of Allegiance of Commonwealth of Virginia, 1777;
Supplied Provisions, 1777, 1780 or later;
Returned List of Tithables as ordered by the Princess Anne County Court, 1778;
Signed Legislative Petition for removal of the court house to Kemp's Landing, 1778;
Managed Account for the Relief of Wives and Children of Poor Soldiers, 1779.
Casper Adams PA (Berks Co.)
Oath of Allegiance, 1778.
Charles Alexander NC (Mecklenburg Co.)
Delegate, Mecklenburg Convention, 1775;
Capt., Mecklenburg Co. Militia.
James Alexander NC (Lincoln Co.)
Pvt., Mounted Infantry, Col. William Erwin's Regt. of Militia, 1779;
Pvt., Capt. Malcombe Henry's Co. of Mounted Militia, Gens. Davidson and Rutherford, 1780;
Pvt., Capt. John Barber's Co. (detached under Capt. Joseph McDowell), Col. Charles McDowell's Regt., 1780;
Pvt., Capt John Carruth's [?] Co. of Militia, 1780;
Pvt., Capt. Isaac White's Co. Col. Campbel's Regt (King's Mt).
William Alexander NC (Mecklenburg Co.)
Capt., Col. Adam Alexander's Regt., 1776;
Capt., Col. Francis Locke's Regt., 1780;
Capt., Col. Williams' & Ezekial Polk's Regt., 1780;
Capt., Col. Thomas Polk's Regt.,
Capt., Gen. Rutherford, Gen. Griffith Rutherford's Militia, 1781.
Moses Allan VA (Fauquier Co.)
Corporal, Capt. William Pickett's Co. Culpeper Minute Battalion, 1775-76;
Cpl. & Sgt., Capt John Chilton's and John Blackwell's Co., 3rd Virginia Regiment, 1776-82.
George Anstein PA (York Co.)
Soldier, Capt. George Long's Co., 1st Bn., York Co. Militia, 1780
Ichabod Ashcraft PA (Westmoreland Co.)
Captain, Rangers on the Frontier from Westmoreland Co., 1782.
Gilbert Atwood VA (Shenandoah Co.)
Grand Juror, 1782.
Johannes "John" Axline VA (Loudon Co.)
Pvt., Lt. Col. Thomas Posey's Battalion, 1782;
Provided beef.
Thomas Baldwin VA (Prince Edward Co.)
Appraised an estate as ordered by the county court, 1781.
William Baldwin VA (Prince Edward Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Charles Allen's Co. 1st Bn. (Samuel Meredith's) of Minutemen, State Line, 1776;
Pvt., Capt. Henry Walker's Co., Col. David Mason's Regiment, Virginia Militia, 1779;
Pvt., Capt. Nathaniel Cunningham's Co., Col. Cock's Regt., Gen. Edward Stevens Brigade, Virginia Militia, 1781.
Nathaniel Barker (Sr.) VA (Loudoun Co.)
Juror, returned appraisal and inventory, 1775;
Provided one live cow for public use, 1781;
Signed a petition from the inhabitants divide the county of Loudoun, 1781.
Edward Barnard, Jr. CT (Guilford, New Haven Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Roger Enos' 3d Co., Col. Joseph Spencer's 2d Connecticut Regt. (later 22d Regt.), Continental Line, 1775 (killed in action 16 Oct. 1775).
Edward Barnard, Sr. CT (Windsor, Hartford Co.)
Member, Committee to raise money to encourage enlistments in the Continental Army, 1777 Captain of the Commissary.
Henry Beasley, Jr. NC (Wake Co.)
Oath of Allegiance, 1778.
Henry Beasley, Sr. NC (Chatham Co.)
Juror, 1779, 1781, 1782;
Service on roads, 1779, 1782.
William Begeant VA (Frederick & Hanover Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Martin Armand Vogulson's Troop, Maj. John Nelson's Regt. of Virginia State Cavalry, 1781-1782 & Lt. Col. Charles Dabny's Virginia State Legion, 1782-1783;
Pvt., Capt. Kirk's Co., 1st Virginia Regt., 1783.
Timothy Blodgett MA (Lexington, Middlesex Co.)
Minute Man., Capt. John Parker's Co. (Battle of Lexington), 1775.
Patrick Board VA (Berkeley Co.) & NJ (no county)
Pvt. Captain William Darke's Co., 8th Virginia Regt., 1776;
Pvt., Capt. John Henry's Co., New Jersey (joined upon escape as POW, 1777);
Pvt., Captain Morgan's Co., 1781.
Egbert Bogardus NY (Catskill, Albany Co.)
Cocksackie Declaration, 1775;
Loaned Money to State of NY.
Peter Bogardus NY (Catskill, Albany Co.)
Cocksackie Declaration, 1775;
Pvt., 11th Regt., Albany Co. Militia;
Pvt., Capt. Benjamin DuBois' Co., Col. Anthony Van Bergen's Regt.;
Sold., Col. Peter Vrooman's 15 Regt. Albany Co. Militia.
John Philip Booker VA (Shenandoah Co.)
Pvt., Captain Linefield Sharpe's Co., Shenandoah Co. Militia, 1781.
Samuel Bradford Member, Duxbury Committee of Correspondence, May 1774
Member, Duxbury Committee of Inspection, Jan 1775
Capt., 1st Duxbury Company, Col. Warren's Plymouth County Regiment, Lexington Alarm
Capt., Col. Cotton's Plymouth County Regiment , consolidated into the 23rd Continental Regiment, on Jan 1776, about Apr. 1775 to about Jan. 1777
James Budden PA (City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co.)
Lt., Philadelphia Troop of Light Horse, 1775-1783;
Sold salt of Committee of Safety, 1777;
Pennsylvania Supply Tax, 1779, 1780, 1782.
David Bundy NC (Pasquotank Co.)
Provided (unspecified) services to the State of North Carolina.
Meekins Carr VA (Albemarle)
Pvt., Capt. Bennett Henderson's Co. of Militia, 1781;
Pvt., Capt. Bennett Henderson's & Makske Leake's Co.; Col. Reuben Lindsay's Regt. of Militia, 1781;
Pvt., Capt Benjamin Harris' Co. of Militia, 1781.
Pvt., Capt. Sharpe's Co., Col. Lindsay's Regt. of Militia, 1781-2
Naaman Carter NC (Duplin Co.)
Ens., Capt. Jonathan Parker's Co., Col. Charles Ward's Regt., 1781.
Benjamin Chapin VA (Alexandria, Fairfax Co.)
Surg., Galley Protector, transferred to Ship Tarter, Virginia State Navy, 1776-8.
Daniel Chapman NY (Westchester Co.)
Pvt. , Westchester Co. Capt. Richard Sackett's Co., Col. Thomas Thomas' Regt. & Col Joseph Drake's Regt, Westchester Co. Militia, 1775-1776, 1776-1777;
Scout and 2nd Sgt. attached to Col. Weisenfels' (4th) NY Regt., Continental Line (service was probably militia service), 1780-81;
Pvt., Capt. Richard Sackett's & Lt. William Mosier's Co., Lt. Col. Albert Pawling's Regt. of Levies, 1781.
Jonathan Clower NC (Orange Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Thomas Donaho's Company, 10th (Lt. Col. Henry Dixon's) Regt., North Carolina Line and reassigned to Light Infantry, 2nd Partisan Corps (Lee's Legion), 1781-1782.
Francis Cockburn (Coburn) Supplier of unspecified goods and services in support of the war. Treasurers and Comptrollers papers, Revolutionary Army Accounts (original document in North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, North Carolina; Revolutionary War Pay Voucher, Halifax District-original in same place as above.
George Cockburn (Coburn) Signer of an oath of allegiance to complete a NC state land grant on 28 October 1782. Land grant in Martin County, NC, requiring an Oath of Allegiance. Found in Deed book A, p.282.
Benjamin Coddington NJ (Mt. Horeb, Warren Twp., Somerset Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Aaron Odgen's Co., 1st NJ Regt., 1777-80, detached to Capt. Jonathan Forman's & John Howell's Co. of Light Infantry, commanded by Col. Mathias Ogden, 1781-2.
David Colcord NH
Pvt, Capt. James Hill's and Capt. Joseph Parson's Militia Cos., Col. David Gilman's Regt. , Pierce Island and Piscataqua Harbor Defense, Aug to Nov 1775
Pvt., Capt. Joseph Parson's Militia Co., Col. Burnhams' /Regt., Nov 1775 to Mar 1776
Richard Cole VA (Louisa Co.)
Provided beef, 1780.
John Comly PA (Philadelphia)
Sold., Capt. Andrew Buskirk's Co., 1st Bn., Philadelphia Co. Militia.
William Cooke VA (Orange & Louise Cos.)
Bombardier, Corporal, and Sergeant, Capts. William Waters' and John Champe Waters' Company, 1st Continental Artillery, 1778-1779;
Provided corn, fodder, and beef, 1781.
John C. Copeland VA (Chesterfield Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Charles Flemings Co., 7th Virginia Regt., 1777-1778;
Pvt., Capt. William Heth's Co., 3rd & 7th Virginia Regt., 1778;
Pvt., Capt. James Baytop's Co., 5th Virginia Regt., 1778-1779.
Thomas Copenhaver PA (Lancaster Co.)
Member, Committee of Safety, 1774
Captain, Lancaster Co. Militia, 1775-1779
Oath of Allegiance 1778.
William Cox VA (Orange Co.)
Signed legislative petition from freeholders of Orange Co. for reform of land tax 1779; Provided bacon for use of the army, 1780;
Provided beef for public use, 1781.
Johannes "John" Cronk PA (Chester Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Hetherland's Co., Lt. Col. Thomas Bull's Bn., Flying Camp, 1776-7;
Pvt., PA Militia, 1777.
Abraham Cruser NJ (Middlesex Co.)
Provided goods or services.
John Davenport VA (Berkley Co.)
Provided wheat for the use of the State of Virginia, 1781.
William Davidson NC (Rowan Co.)
Capt., Col. Christopher Beckman's 2nd Regt. of Militia.
Daniel Dees NC (Johnston Co.)
Soldier, Johnston Co. Militia;
Provided unspecified goods or services.
Isaac Dorris VA (Loudoun Co.) & NC (Orange Co.)
Signed Legislative Petition from Loudoun Co., VA to the 5th Virginia Convention, 1776;
Pvt., Capt. John Johnstone's Company, Col. John Collier's North Carolina Militia, commanded by Brig. Gen. John Butler, 1780.
Samuel Dorris VA (Loudoun Co.) & MD (Washington Co.)
Signed Legislative Petition from Loudoun Co., VA to the 5th Virginia Convention, 1776;
Oath of Allegiance, 1778.
Nathan Drake NJ (Hunterdon Co.)
Pvt., NJ Militia.
Cornelius DuBois NY (Albany Co.)
Lt. Col., 11th Regt., Albany Co. Militia, 1775-aft 1778;
Adjutant, Regt. of Levies for the Defense of the Frontiers, 1780.
Elisha Dunham NJ (Essex Co. & Middlesex Co.)
Pvt., Captain in the 1st Regiment of Essex County Militia;
Sustained material losses by the British in Middlesex Co., 1777.
Joseph Eastman, Sr. CT (New Fairfield, Fairfield Co.)
Pvt., CT Militia, 1777.
John Ems PA (Berks)
Pvt., Captain John Robinson's Company, Berks Co, PA Militia 1781.
Isaac Estey, Sr. NH (Keene, Cheshire Co.)
Sgt., Foot Co. of Keene, 1776.
William Fields VA (Harrodsburg, Kentucky Co. & Lincoln Co. (now Mercer Co.))
Pvt., Capt Mikel Humble's Co., Kentucky Co. Militia, Col. George Rogers Clark's Regt., 1780;
Pvt. Capt. Samuel Kirham's Co., Lincoln Co. Militia, Col. Benjamin Logan's Regt., 1782;
Pvt., Capts. Bailey, Linn, & Helms Companies.
Isaac Finch NY (Charlotte Pct. (formerly Nine Partners), Dutchess Co.)
Ens., Capt. Abraham Swartwout's Co., 2nd NY Regt., 1776;
Capt., New York Levies, 1777;
Lt., Charlotte Precinct Regt., Dutchess Co. Militia, 1777;
Pvt., Capt. Rufus Herring's Co., Col. Jacobus Swartwout's Regiment of Associated Exempts, Dutchess Co., New York, 1777;
Lt., Capt. Daniel Shepard's Co., Dutchess Co. Militia, 1780;
Soldier, 6th Battalion, Dutchess Co. Militia, c 1781-1782;
Overseer of Highway, Charlotte Pct., Dutchess Co., 1779, 1781.
Adam Flesher VA (Monongalia Co.)
Defender of the Frontier, 1781-1783
Soldier, Capt. George Jackson's Company, Monongalia County Militia, 1782.
Henry Flesher VA (Monongalia Co.)
Oath of Allegiance, by 1781;
Defender of the Frontier, 1781-1783.
Peter Follis VA (Halifax Co.)
Served five days, with his horse, driving cattle for the Continental Army, claim filed 1782.
Abraham Forrest II VA (Amelia Co.)
Signed Petition from residents of Amelia Co. to the House of Delegates opposing a division of the county, 1778.
Frederick Fritts NJ (Hunterdon Co.)
Transported goods for Washington's Army at Morristown.
Ebenezer Frost (Sr.) NC (Rowan Co.)
Provided beef, 1781, 1782.
John Gaither MD (Washington Co.) and NC (Rowan Co.)
Pvt., 7th Class, Capt. Basil Williams Co., 2nd Battalion (Col. Joseph Smith) Washington Co. Maryland Militia, 1778;
Oath of Fidelity to the State of Maryland, Washington Co., MD, 1778;
Soldier, Rowan County North Carolina Militia.
Samuel Gann NC (Guilford Co.)
Pvt., Guilford Co., Militia, 1779-80, 1781;
Hired substitute for militia service, 1780 or 1781;
Provided bacon to the army, 1780 or 1781.
John Goodall VA (Orange Co.)
Provided beef for use of the First Division of Orange Co., 1781;
Provided beef for public use, 1781.
Robert Green NC (Halifax)
Provided goods and/or services, 1781, 1782.
Charles Gwatkin Was a Captain in the Bedford County Virginia Militia
Jacob Hagey PA (Lancaster Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Noah Ceasy's Co., 7th BN, Lancaster Co. Militia
John Hall NY (Orange Co.)
Fife Major, 14th Regt. Orange Co. Militia
Caleb Halstead III NJ (Elizabeth)
Surgeon for French Troops at Elizabeth
John Halstead NY (Orange Co.)
Pvt., Gilbert Cooper's Regt., Orange Co. Militia;
Pvt., 2nd Regt., Orange Co., Militia;
Pvt., Lt. Col. Weisenfels NY Levies, 1783.
William Haggard NC (Orange Co.) and VA (Bedford Co.)
Pvt., Capt. William Hubbard's Co., Col. Ramsey's Regt., Orange Co. Militia, 1776;
Pvt., Col. William Moore's Regt., Orange Co. Militia, 1776;
Pvt., Capt. Thomas Dooley's Co., Bedford Co. (VA) Militia,1777;
Pvt., Capt. James Wilson's Co., Col. Mason's Regt., Orange Co. Militia, 1780;
Pvt., Capt. Frederick Debo's Co., Maj. McCallan's Orange Co. Militia, 1782.
Faunce Hammond MA (Bristol Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Henry Jenne's Co., Col. John Hathaway's (2nd) Bristol Co. Regt. of Militia, 1780
Collins Hampton VA (Pittsylvania & Henry Cos.) & NC (Surry Co.)
Swore Oath of Allegiance in Pittsylvania Co, 1777;
Provided 300 lbs beef to Capt. Eliphaz Shelton's Co. of Militia Henry Co.;
Constable, Surry Co., 1781 & 1783.
Joshua Hardy MA; Sgt Maj Minuteman and a Sergeant in Col. Samuel Johnson's MA Regiment
Robert Hathaway MA (Bristol Co.), RI (Bristol Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Caleb Carr's Co., Col. Archibald Crary's (1st) Rhode Island Regt., Continental Line, 1776-1777;
Pvt., Capt. John Carr's Co., Col. John Topham's (1st) Rhode Island State Regiment, 1777-1778;
Pvt. Capt. Jacob Haskin's/Hoskin's Co., Col. Landis Regt., Massachusetts Militia, 1780.
John Hatley, Sr. NC (Chatham Co.)
Juror, 1778, 1779, 1781;
Service on roads, 1783.
Thomas Hemphill NC (Burke Co.)
Lt., Capt. Robert Patton's Co., Col. Francis Locke's Regt. of Militia, 1780;
Capt, NC Militia, 1780.
William Henderson MD
Pvt., Capt. Lilburn Williams' Co., 3rd MD Regt., 1782.
Patrick Henry VA (Hanover Co.)
Member, Continental Congress, 1774-5
Member, Second Virginia Convention, 1775.
Capt., Hanover Independent Co., 1775
Col., 1st Virginia Regiment and Commander of Virginia Forces, 1776.
Governor of Virginia, 1776-9
Member, General Assembly, 1781.
Christian Herring PA (Berks Co.)
Pvt., Capt. James Olds' Company, Col. Henry Haller's Battalion, Flying Camp, 1776- 1777; Pvt., Capt. Jacob Whetstone's Company, Col. Michael Lindemuth's Battalion, Gen. James Potter's Brigade, 1777;
Provided a substitute, 1778.
Edward Warner Heston PA (Philadelphia Co.)
Capt. and Lt. Col., Philadelphia Co. Militia, 1777 & later;
Representative in the Pennsylvania General Assembly for Philadelphia County, 1779;
Supply Tax, 1779 & 1782.
Philip Hinkle PA (Berks Co.)
Supply Tax, 1779.
Ambrose Hodgkin CT (Guilford, New Haven Co.)
Pvt., Guilford, Conn. Guard Force, 1777;
Pvt., guarded coast at Guilford, Conn., 1778;
Acting Sgt., Guilford Guard Force, as substitute for father, Thomas, 1779;
Pvt., Capt. Dan Collins Connecticut Co., Guilford, Connecticut Guard Force, 1780-1781.
Thomas Hodgkin CT (Guilford, New Haven Co.)
Sgt., Capt. Dan Collins' Co., Guilford, Connecticut Defense, 1779-1780;
Acted as commissary for Capt. Dan Collins' Co., Guilford, Connecticut Defense, 1779.
John Holley VA (Bedford & Kentucky Cos.)
Oath of Allegiance, 1777
With Daniel Boone at salt works in Kentucky Co. when captured by Shawnees, 1778 (probably in Kentucky Co. as a member of Capt. Charles Gwatkins' Co., Bedford Co. Militia).
Daniel Horlacher PA (Northampton Co.)
Commissary, Northampton Co. Militia, 1777-1779;
Pvt., Capt. John Roberts' Co.1st Bn., Northampton Co. Militia, 1777;
Soldier, Capt John Stahl's Co., 4th (Boehm's) Bn., Northampton Co. Militia;
Oath of Allegiance, 1778.
Abishai Horne NC (Edgecombe)
Oath of Allegiance, by 1779
Provided goods or services
William Horrall (Sr.) VA (Amherst Co.)
Signed petition from residents of Amherst Co. to the Virginia Legislature for repeal of tobacco storage fee, 1779;
Signed petition from residents of Amherst Co. to the Virginia Legislature for repeal commodities tax that was regressive in nature and had high administrative overhead, 1779;
Signed petition from residents of Amherst Co. to the Virginia Legislature for protecting religious freedom, 1779;
Provided fodder for 1st Regiment of Dragoons, for White's Dragoons, and corn and fodder for 1st Regiment of Dragoons, 1781.
William Horrall Jr. VA (Amherst Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Higgenbottom's Co. of Volunteers for Amherst Co., Virginia Militia, 1776;
Pvt., Capt. Alexander Henderson's Co., Cols. Gibson and Boyer's Regt (McIntosh's Ohio Valley Expedition), 1777-1778;
Pvt., Capt. Richard Taliaferro's Co. of Volunteers, Virginia Militia, 1779;
Pvt., Capt. John Morrison's Co., Col. Mage & Randall's Reg., Gen. Lawson's Brigade, 1780;
Pvt., Lt. James Montgomery's volunteers, attached to Capt. David Shelton's Co. of Virginia Militia (Defense of Virginia against invasion of Arnold ), 1781;
Pvt., Capt. John Loving's Co., Cols. Richardson & Randall's Regt, Virginia Militia (Siege of York), 1781;
Signed petition from residents of Amherst Co. to the Virginia Legislature for protecting religious freedom, 1779.
Joshua Howard MD (Anne Arundel Co.)
Petitioned Maryland Convention to form independent rifle company, 1776;
Oath of Fidelity to the state of Maryland, Anne Arundel Co., MD, 1778.
John Hudnall VA
Pvt. Bedford County, VA Militia serving under command of Major Reid and Capts. John Trigg and Thomas Leftwich
Vincent Hudson VA (Gloucester Co.)
Fifer, Capt. John Webb's Company, 7th Virginia Regiment (1776-1778), 1776- 1778;
Fife Major, Col. Mann Page's Regiment, Gloucester County Militia, aft. Feb. 1778-Close of War.
Thomas Hughes VA (Monongalia Co.)
Defender of the Frontier, 1775-1778.
Pvt., Capt. William Lowther's Co., 1778
Pvt, Capt. John Morris' Co. of Rangers, 1778
Jeremiah Jacob (Sr.) MD (Montgomery Co.)
Oath of Allegiance, 1778.
Conrad Jacoby PA (Berks Co.)
Soldier, Seventh Class, Capt. Will's Company, Berks County (PA) Militia, 1777-1780;
Signed a petition to the General Assembly of Pennsylvania opposing a Constitutional Convention, 1779.
Jabez Josselyn MA
Pvt., Capt. William Mills' Co., Lt. Col. John Brooks's 7th MA Regt., 1781-1783
Nelson Kelley NC (Orange Co.)
Pvt., Capt. William Brinkley's Co., 1st Regt. (Jarvis') N.C. Militia, 1780.
James Kitchings NC (Halifax Co.)
Pvt., Capt. William Brinkley's Co., 1st Regt. (Jarvis') N.C. Militia, 1780.
Spencer Lacey DE (Sussex Co.)
Pvt., Independent Company of Foot raised to safe Guard the Pilots and the persons and goods of well Effected Subjects of the said States residing near the Town of Lewes and the Coast of Delaware Bay Commanded by William Peery, 1776-1777.
Drummer, Capt. George Smith's Company, Second Delaware Regt. of Militia, 1780.
Josiah Lamborn PA (Chester Co.)
Pvt., London Grove Co. (Capt. Allen Cunningham), Second Battalion (Col. Evan Evans), Chester Co. Militia, 1778.
Edward Laurance (Jr.) VA (Fauquier Co.)
Signed petition of dissenters from the ecclesiastical establishment in Virginia for religious equality, 1776;
Juror 1777;
Moved that the county court lay off a road, 24 March 1783.
William Laurence, Sr. VA (Fauquier Co.)
Provided beef for public use, 1780, 1781.
Nathan Lawson VA (Charlotte Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Thomas William's Co., 1778;
Pvt., Capt. McGood's Co., Col. Burrell's Regt., 1779;
Pvt., Capt. Jameson's Co. Col. Purnell's Co., 1780;
Pvt., Capt. Thomas Hatchett's, Col. Morton's Regt., 1781.
James Liddell SC (Abbeville Dist.)
Provided provisions to the militia, 1779 & 1782.
William Lowther VA (Augusta Co. & Monongalia Co.)
Captain, Augusta County Militia, Dunmore's War, 1774;
Justice, Augusta County Court, 1777-1779;
Captain, Monongalia County Militia, 1778-1781;
Major, Col. Joseph Crockett's Regt., Virginia State Troops, 1781;
Colonel, Monongalia County Militia, 1782-Close of War.
Abraham Lunger NJ (Hunterdon & Sussex Cos.)
Provided goods or services.
Nathan Maddox VA (Bedford Co.)
Signed petition to the Virginia House of Delegates favoring a division of Bedford Co, 1782.
David Maggart, Sr. VA (Shenandoah Co.)
Provided beef.
John Martin VA (Goochland Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Nathaniel Massie's Co., Col. Morris Regt. of Militia (Gen. Nelson);
Pvt., Capt. Duke's Co., Col. Matthew's Regt. of Militia, following spring;
Pvt., Capt. Price's Co., Col. William Flemings Regt. of Militia, that fall;
Pvt., Capt. Parrish's Co., Col. Richard Taylor's Regt, Albemarle Guards, fall season;
Pvt., Capt. Nathaniel Massie's Co., Col. Morris' Regt. of Militia, 1780;
Pvt., Capt. Duke's Co., Col. Richardson's Regt. of Militia, 1780;
Pvt., Capts. Miller & Tole's Co. of Militia, 1781;
Pvt.., Capt. Mile's Co., Col. Payne's Regt of Militia, 1781.
Peter Martin VA (Culpeper Co.)
Soldier, Capt. George Johnson's Co., Culpeper Co. Militia, 1781;
Provided goods or services.
Nicholas Massey NC (Rowan)
Oath of Allegiance, 1777
Edward Maxey (Sr.) VA (Buckingham Co.)
Signed petition of dissenters calling for the disestablishment of the Church of England and equal treatment of religious denominations, 1776.
Signed petition of the freeholders opposing transfer of part of the county to Cumberland, 1778.
John Maxey VA (Buckingham Co.)
Signed petition of dissenters calling for the disestablishment of the Church of England and equal treatment of religious denominations, 1776.
Henry McCabe VA (Loudoun Co.)
Capt., Lt. Col. Charles Dabny's 1st Brigade of Militia
John McConnell NC (Rowan Co.)
Provided wheat, oats, corn, a horse, a mare, bridle, and saddle.
Alexander McMakin VA (Loudoun Co.)
Capt., Major., Loudoun County Militia;
Major, Loudoun County Militia, 1781;
Provided 2 guns and bayonets, wood, and pasturage for public beeves.
John McKinley VA (Monongalia Co.)
Sergeant, Capt. Stephen Ashby's Co., 12th Virginia Regiment, 1777;
Lieutenant, Capt. John Lemen's Co., 13th Virginia Regiment, 1777-1778;
Captain, Col. William Crawford's Regt., 1782 (killed by Indians after capture at Battle of Sandusky).
Christian Metzger PA (Northampton Co.)
Oath of Allegiance, 1777.
Johann Nicholas Mildenberger PA (Northampton Co.) Court Martial Man, Capt. William Cromer's Co. (4th), Col. John Sigfried's Bn. (4th) Northampton Co. (PA) Militia, 1778;
Pvt., Capt. John Deeter's Co. (7th), Col. Nicholas Kern's (3rd) Bn. Northampton Co. Militia, 1780;
Pvt., Capt. John Deter's Co. (7th) in Lehigh Twp., 3rd Bn. Northampton Co. Militia, 1783.
David Montross NY (Westchester Co.)
Capt., Northern Bn., 1775.
Simeon Morehourse NJ (Middlesex Co., Essex Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Thomas Patterson's Co., Col. Elias Dayton's 3rd New Jersey Regt., 1776-7;
Pvt., Capt. Thomas Patterson's Co., Col. Elias Dayton's 3rd New Jersey Regt., 1778-9;
Pvt., Capt. Peter Layton's Co., NJ Militia.
Robert Mosley PA
Lt., Capt. Van Swearingen's Co., 8th Pennsylvania Regiment, 1776-1777.
Gotthard Mory PA (Northampton Co.)
Pvt., Capt. John Roberts' Co.1st Bn., Northampton Co. Militia, 1777;
Soldier, Capt John Stahl's Co., 4th (Boehm's) Bn., Northampton Co. Militia;
Oath of Allegiance to Pennsylvania, 1778;
Provided horses for use by the army, 1782
George Jacob Moyer VA (Rockingham Co.)
Provided beef, 1 bag, flour, and use of a horse.
Philip Moyer VA (Rockingham Co.)
1st Lt., Rockingham County Militia, 1780;
Provided flour casks.
Frederick William Nagel PA (Northampton Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Nicholas Kern's Company, First Battalion of Associators, Northampton Co., Flying Camp, 1776-1783 (Captured at Battle of Brooklyn, prisoner of war 1776-1783).
Friederich Wilhelm Nagel PA (Northampton Co.)
Oath of Allegiance to Pennsylvania, 1778.
Lewis Nicola PA (Philadelphia)
Town Major, City of Philadelphia,1776-7;
Col., Invalid Regt. 1777-1783;
Bvt. Brig. Gen. 1783.
Moses Odam (Sr.) NC (Northampton Co.)
Provided (unspecified) goods or services.
Joseph Page MA (Salisbury, Essex Co.)
Capt., 1775;
Maj., Col. Isaac Smith's Regt., 1776.
Jonathan Parker NH (Rindge, Cheshire Co.)
Signed declaration opposing the hostile proceedings of the British Fleets and Armies against the United American Colonies, 1 June 1776.
Jonathan Parker, Jr. NH (Rindge, Cheshire Co.)
Signed declaration opposing the hostile proceedings of the British Fleets and Armies against the United American Colonies, 1776;
Pvt., Capt. Josiah Brown's Company, Col. Samuel Ashley's Regt., 1777-1778.
John George Peiffer PA (Berks Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Benjamin Weiser's Co., Northumberland Co. Militia, 1777;
Pvt., Capts. Reid and Adam Schaeffer's Cos., Northumberland Co. Militia, 1777 & 1778
Peter Penfield, Jr. CT (New Fairfield, Fairfield Co.)
Ens., Capt. Gaylord Hubbell's Co., Col. David Waterbury's CT Regt., 1776;
1st Lt, Capt. Gaylord Hubbell's Co., Col. Gold Selleck Silliman's Regt., 1776;
Capt., Col., Joseph P. Cooke's Regt., 1777, 1778, 1779.
James Pettigrew SC (Abbeville Dist.)
Pvt., Militia;
Provided corn to militia.
John Phelps VA (Bedford Co.)
1st Lt., Bedford Co. Militia, 1778;
Provided waggonage for powder and lead from Bedford Va, 1776;
Provided 225 pounds of beef and 350 pounds of beef for public use, 1781, 1782.
Samuel Poe VA (Culpeper Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Moses Hawkins Co., Col. Charles Lewis' 14th VA Regt.
Thomas Prather NC (Surry & Wilkes Cos.)
Pvt., Capt. Cleaveland's Co., Col. Armstrong's Regt., 1776-1778;
Pvt., Capt. Fall's Co., Col. Brevard's Regt., 1781;
Pvt., Capt. Cleaveland's Co., Col. Armstrong's Regt., NC Militia, 1781-1782..
Ephraim Pray NY (Dutchess Co.)
Soldier, 3rd Regt., Dutchess Co. Militia.
Balzar Rockel PA (Northampton Co.)
Oath of Allegiance to Pennsylvania, 1777.
Johannes "John" Rockel PA (Northampton Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Jacob Clater's Co., 3rd Battalion of Northampton Co. Militia (Lt. Col. Nicholas Kerns), Pennsylvania, 1782, 1783.
Thomas Rolph MD (Queen Anne Co.)
Soldier, Capt. John Dean's Co., 20th Battalion Maryland Militia, Flying Camp, 1776;
Oath of Allegiance, 1777-1778.
James Ross NC (Martin Co.)
Pvt., Capts. John Kennady and James Evans, Col Whitmill Hill's Regt;
Pvt., Capt Ballard's Co., Col May/Col Eaton and Col Sewell's Regiments;
Pvt., Capt. George Cockburn in Col Whitmill Hill's Regt.
Benjamin Ruffner VA (Shenandoah Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Michael Rader's Co.
Catherine Sharp NC (Guilford Co.)
Provided public services, 1781.
Moses Shelby NC (Mecklenburg Co.)
Grand Juror, 1775.
William Sherrill NC (Lincoln Co.)
Juror, 1783.
John Sisson NY (Albany Co.)
Pvt., 14th Regiment, Albany Co. Militia.
Daniel Smith NC (Rowan & Burke Cos.)
Capt., Col. Joseph McDowell's Regt., 1780;
Capt. at Battle of Kings Mt., 1781;
Capt., Col. Joseph McDowell's Regt, 1782.
Nicholas Smith NC (Dobbs Co.)
Provided clothing for the Continental Army and other goods or services.
Alexander Spotswood VA (Spotsylvania Co.)
Major, 2nd Virginia Regt.,1775-1776;
Lt. Col., 2nd Virginia Regt. 1776-1777;
Col., 2nd Virginia Regt., 1777;
B. Gen., Virginia State Line, 1781-1783;
Provided bacon, beef, brandy, cattle, pasturage, and use of a wagon.
Joseph Staats VA (Monongalia Co.)
Provided 35 rations, 1782.
Frederick Stamm PA (Berks Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Charles Gobin's Co., 6th Battalion, Berks Co., Militia, 1781-1782;
Oath of Allegiance, 1778;
Signed Memorial to the General Assembly against Calling a Convention, 1779.
Werner Stamm PA (Berks Co.)
Assessor, Berks Co., PA, 1775-76, 1776-77, 1777-78;
Oath of Allegiance,1777;
Supply Tax, 1779;
Signed Memorial to the General Assembly against Calling a Convention, 1779.
Jonathan Stanley NH (Jaffrey, Cheshire Co.)
Signed resolution to support the Continental Congress and adoption of Declaration of Independence, 1776;
Member of Jaffrey Committee of Inspection to hire soldiers for the Army, 1778.
Thomas Starr CT (Bethel, Fairfield Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Joseph Gallup's Co., Lt. Col. Oliver Smith's 8th CT Regt., 1776
Elijah Stevens CT (Middlesex Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Edward Shipman's 6th Co., Col. William Douglas,' later Lt. Col. Return J. Meigs' 6th Regt., Conn. Line 1775 -1777;
Pvt., Capt. Elisha Ely's 6th Co., Col. Return J. Meigs, 6th Regt., Conn. line, 1777-1780.
William Stewart VA (Monongalia Co.)
Took the Oath of Allegiance to Virginia.
Ebenezer Storer MA (Boston, Suffolk Co.)
Selectman, 1776, 1777;
Member, Committee to Audit Accounts, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1781;
Delegate to Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, 1780 (selected 1779);
Member, Committee to Determine Grants to Schoolmasters, 1780;
Member, Committee to Determine Adequate Allowance for Assessors, 1780.
John Strode, Sr. VA (Kentucky Co.)
Established Strodes Station, 1779.
Bernardus Swartwout, Sr. NY (Dutchess Co.)
Capt., Col. Jacobus Swartwout's Regt. of Minute Men, 1776-7.
Lawrence Taliaferro VA (Orange Co.)
Member, Orange Co. Committee of Saftey, 1774-5;
Col., Culpeper Minute Bn., 1775-6;
Lt. Col., Orange Co. Miliita, 1778;
Provided beef, 1781;
Horses impressed, 1781.
David Thompson CT (Guilford, New Haven Co.)
Pvt., Capt. David Sill's Co., Col. Samuel H. Parsons 6th Regt., 1775-1777;
Pvt., Capt. Sanford's Co., Col. Ely's Regt., 1777;
Sgt., Capt. Elisha Ely's Co., Col. William Douglas' and later Col. Return J. Meigs', 6th Regt., Conn. Line, 1777-1780;
Sgt., Capt. David Humphrey's Co., Col. Zebulon Butler's and Herman Swift's (2nd) Regt., Connecticut Line, 1780- 1783.
Ebenezer Thompson PA
Pvt., Capt. John Craig's Co. of Dragoons, Stephen Moylan's 4th PA Regt., 1780-3.
Abel Titus MA (Attleboro, Bristol Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Gowen Brown's Co. later Capt. Thomas Turner's Co., Col. Henry Jackson's Continental Regt., Massachusetts Line, 1777-1780.
Andrew Toombs NH (Portsmouth, Rockingham Co.)
Pvt., Dr. Hall Jackson's Company of Field Artillary, 1775.
Taken prisoner on the brig "Venus," 1781 and died in Old Mill Prison.
Jacob Troup VA (Henry Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Owen Ruble's Company, Col. Henry Skipwith's Regiment, Henry County Militia, 1781.
Henry Valentine PA
Ens., Capt. John Nice's Co., Col. Atlee's Musketry Bn.
Aaron VanCleave (Sr.) NC (Rowan Co.)
Petit juror, 1779.
William VanCleave VA (Kentucky Co.) & N.C. (Rowan Co.)
Soldier, Capt. John Grant's Co., Kentucky County Militia, 1780;
Signed petition from the residents of Kentucky Co. to VA legislature for erecting public salt works, 1777;
Endorsed petition of John Crouse to Gov. Thomas Burke of NC, 1782;
Signed petition to the Continental Congress from members of the Dutch Reformed church for contiguous land grants to for a civil and religious community, 1783.
Richard Veatch MD (Montgomery Co.)
Soldier, 8th Co., 29th Upper Battalion, Montgomery Co. Militia, 1777;
Signed oath of loyalty to the State of Maryland, 1778;
Furnished substitute for Continental Service;
Soldier, Upper Battalion, Montgomery Co. Militia, 1780.
Sampson Violett VA
Pvt., Capt. John Watts' (2nd) Troop, 1st Regt. of Light Dragoons, Continental Line, 1783.
Andrew Waggoner VA (Culpeper Co.)
Capt., 12th VA Regt., 1776-8;
Capt., 8th VA Regt., 1778;
Maj., 12th VA Regt. 1778-81.
James Walker VA (Orange Co.)
Member, Orange Co. Committee of Safety, 1775.
Burgess Wall VA (Halifax Co.)
Jury to lay off widow's dower, 1782-3.
John Ward NY (Albany Co.)
Pvt., 1st New York Regiment (1777-1783), Continental Line, 1777- 1783;
Detailed to Life Guard of Maj. Gen. Philip Schuyler by Oct. 1777.
Daniel Warner CT (Suffield, Guilford Co.)
Sold., Capt. Elihu Kent's Co. of Militia, 1775 (Lexington Alarm);
Lt., 19th CT Militia Regt., 1778.
Alexander Waugh VA (Orange Co.)
Provided beef.
George Lee Waugh VA (Orange Co.)
Capt., Orange Co. Militia, Col. Thomas Matthews' Regt., 1781.
John Weir SC (Camden Dist., Craven Co.)
Petit juror, 1778-9;
Appraised estate, 1782.
Frederick Weitzel PA (Berks)
Pvt., Capt. Sebastian Miller's Co., Berks Co, PA Militia 1777-1778, 1781;
Oath of allegiance, 1777;
Supply Tax, Berks County, PA, 1779.
Paul Wellman CT (New Milford, Litchfield Co.)
Pvt., Capt. Phineas Porter's Co., Col. David Wooster's 1st CT Regt., 1775;
Pvt., Capt. David Smith's Co., Col. Samuel Elmore's CT Regt., 1776-7;
Pvt., Capt. Aaron Steven's Co., Col. Heman Swift's 7th CT Regt., 1777-80.
Randall Wells Rhode Island
Ensign, 2nd Hopkinton Militia Co., 1st Kings County Regt., RI Militia, Jun 1775 to May 1776
Lieutenant, 2nd Hopkinton Militia Co., 1st Kings County Regt., RI Militia, May 1776 to May 1779
Captain, 2nd Hopkinton Militia Co., 1st Kings County Regt., RI Militia, Jun 1779 to May 1783
Captain, 2nd Hopkinton Militia Co., 1st Washington County Regt., RI Militia, May 1783 to May 1788
Captain, 1st Hopkinton Militia Co., 1st Washington County Regt., RI Militia, May 1788
James Williams VA (Westmoreland Co.)
Pvt. Capt. Downings Co., Westmoreland Co. Militia,
Crawford's Expedition, 1782.
Nathan Wing MA (Gorham, Dist. of Maine)
Soldier, 5th Class, Gorham Company, Massachusetts Militia, 1782;
Private, Captain David Holbrook's Company, 4th Massachusetts Regt.,1782-1783;
Private, American Regiment, 1783.
John Witherspoon NC (Wilkes Co.)
Justice, Court of Common Pleas, 1778.
Martha (Pettigrew) Witherspoon NC (Wilkes Co.)
Provided corn, 1782.
Philip Witman PA (Northampton Co.)
Ensign, Capt. Peter Kookens Co., 1st Bn., Northampton Co. Militia, 1780, 1781;
Ensign, Capt. Henry Reitz' Drafted Company, 1st Bn., Northampton Co. Militia, 1781;
Ensign, Capt. Daniel Good's Co., 1st Bn., Northampton Co. Militia, 1782.
Henry Woodcock VA (Chesterfield Co.)
Provided corn for public use, 1781.
Nathan Woodhull NY (Brookhaven, Suffolk Co.)
Maj., 1st Regt. Suffolk Co. Militia
Signer, Brookhaven Articles of Association, 1775
Surrogate, Suffolk Co., 1780
Anthony Wright VA (Loudoun Co.)
Provided use of a wagon and team for the militia and beef.
John Lugar Wright MD
Corporal and Sergeant, Capt. William Winter's Co., 26th Maryland Militia Battalion, 1777
John Yocum PA (Berks)
Pvt., Lt. James Gleave's Detachment, Berks County Militia, 1781-1782.
Henry Young VA (Prince Edward Co.)
2nd Lt., Capt. Josiah Chambers' Co., Prince Edward Co. Militia, 1777.

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