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President’s Message

January 01, 2014

Bill Price, Chapter President




At the beginning of 2013, Fairfax Resolves had over 90 members. At the beginning of 2014, we have over 130. To all new members, welcome. To all old members, thank you for your continued support of our Chapter, the Virginia Society, and our National Society.

Our growing membership is one of the many blessings we have received this past year from an almighty and benevolent Providence. Unfortunately, this growth has also seen a sense of “anonymity” emerge within our ranks. We had several members pass away in 2013, and some of those losses greeted us by surprise.

I think this indicates no more than a simple communications problem, and I would like to direct us towards fixing this problem in the coming year.

The question is how?

I would like to suggest three ideas for your consideration.

The first dovetails off of a new initiative announced at the 2013 National Congress: the Vietnam War Veterans Corps. Our current President General announced this initiative at his installation this past summer. A Korean War and World War II Veterans Corps also exists. Once registered, SAR members who have served in either the Vietnam, Korean, or World War II conflicts receive a personal Certificate of Patriotism from the President General.

First Vice President and Chaplain Howell Sasser has volunteered to lead an effort within our Chapter to enroll all eligible members in their respective Veterans Corps organization. I happily accept his proposal and commission First Vice President Sasser in this new assignment. In registering compatriots in the Veterans Corps, we have the opportunity for improved communications within our membership and to place the resources of the Chapter at their assistance when appropriate.

I will also work with our Secretary to delegate to each Chapter officer the necessary authority to work with First Vice President Sasser to process all Veterans Corps enrollment forms in a timely manner. At present, only the Chapter President is able to approve enrollment forms for submission to the Veterans Corps national committees. All officers will need to support First Vice President Sasser in this effort to ensure its success.

Next, I would like to challenge each officer and current member during 2014 to complete either a new application for a lineal family member or a personal supplemental application. The membership application process has evolved significantly over the last five years, and the process for completing a supplemental application has also changed. If you haven’t completed either process recently, you have no idea what new applicants are being subjected to.

How can we encourage new members if we ourselves are not familiar with what they are being asked to complete? Officers and members, let us reintroduce ourselves to our own family research and the SAR application process so we can better welcome new members when they join us.

Lastly, I propose that each officer and interested member contact our new Registrar and become a volunteer “Application Adjutant”. This role would have three functions: first, provide the Registrar with a preferred contact method (phone, email, etc). Indicate if you have access to,, or other resources (such as hardcopy Virginia Publick Service claim books) that might be helpful.

Second, contact the new applicant once they have been assigned to you by the Registrar. Since you may already be conducting research on your own, offer to help the applicant chase down any missing materials. Or even better, share some of your experiences with the applicant that may help them in completing their application.

Third, introduce the applicant to those activities you participate in as a SAR member. Invite them to a historical event or grave marking. Suggest they come to a meeting, especially if the presentation is one you believe they have expressed an interest in. If necessary, bring them to that meeting and introduce them.

As with registering eligible members in their respective Veterans Corps, and continuing our own family research, working with the Registrar during the new member application process will give us greater opportunities to be of service to each other. And by doing so, I believe the same blessings we received during 2013 will continue in the new year.

Other ideas will come to your mind, and I hope to hear from you personally when they do. I have some other ideas myself, and they will find their way to you in this space or by email in the days ahead. In closing, I wish all of you a Happy New Year in 2014, and look forward to greeting you at a future Chapter meeting.


Very respectfully,


William W. “Bill” Price, President


Fairfax Resolves, SAR






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