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President’s Message

December 19, 2016

Jeff Thomas, Chapter President




We can all be proud of the tremendous impact that the Fairfax Resolves chapter has in our community each year, from our support of youth programs like Rumbaugh Orations, Knight Essay, Eagle Scout and ROTC to our recognition of public service leaders in our community like Teacher of the Year, Law Enforcement, Fire Safety and EMS to the furtherance of our patriotic heritage through educational activities and historical observances. In the coming year, we have a wonderful opportunity to build on that strong foundation through the dedicated efforts of our members.

My goals are simply to see our chapter expand the engagement and involvement of our members across all our programs, continue to grow by bringing new members into our ranks and to promote more social opportunities for us to deepen our bond of compatriotism. There are many ways for us to be involved and to support our great organization. I want to invite each of you to find the way or ways that are best for you. Whether you are the newest member or have been in the chapter for a while, find a way to be a part of our success. Ways to participate include serving as an officer, committee chair, committee member, as an assistant secretary, treasurer, registrar, webmaster or chaplain, as a newsletter editor/contributor, photographer, as a member of the color guard, by submitting a patriot supplemental, or simply by attending our meetings and events. If you have an interest, we have a place for you. If you see a need, we welcome your ideas. Your contributions will make all the difference. I hope you will take advantage of all of the exciting opportunities before us in the coming year.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to serving with you in the year to come.




Jeff Thomas, President


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